Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, October 29, 2015 - Fundamental Applications Corp. (“Fundamental”) (CSE:FUN, FSE:2FA, OTCQB: FUAPF), a leading developer of innovative, millennial-targeted smartphone applications today announced a significant expansion to the launch of the Foro Student Marketplace. On September 16, 2015, the company announced an increase from 10 campuses to 15 campuses. Foro Technologies now has a total of 23 campuses launched spanning two Canadian provinces and one state in the United States. The company has also experienced the first signs of viral growth with new campuses coming on board that have not been specifically launched by the company. This 23 campus launch positions Foro to be the preeminent smartphone-based marketplace for students in North America.

The 23 campuses that now have access to the Foro Student Marketplace were specifically launched by Foro Technologies with a combination of advertising and on-campus guerilla marketing. The launch campaign began by introducing this new, game-changing platform to students in order to build brand awareness. Once students learn about Foro and the convenience it brings, the launch strategy shifts gears into promoting user activity. The ultimate objective is to create buying and selling communities on the Foro platform that will reshape how used items are exchanged on campuses across North America.

“’If you build it, they will come’ is a popular quote that resonates strongly with me when I think about Foro and our approach to launching the product,” commented Richard Whitehead, Chief Executive Officer of Fundamental Applications. “What we are building isn’t just an app, it’s a community of people who buy and sell things in a safe, efficient, and convenient way. To reach this objective we must focus on the community. Our target audience doesn’t take well to aggressive marketing that pushes just for downloads so we avoided this type of approach. Instead, we are looking at the bigger picture of launching strategically in a fashion that resonates with our target audience knowing that this will result in increasing user activity. Step one in the process is to build brand awareness and we’ve started off strong at 23 campuses. Step two is downloads. Step three is fostering a robust, dedicated, and monetized community of loyal users because this is where the real value resides for Foro.”

In addition to the 23 campuses launched by the company, the Foro Student Marketplace platform has had some noteworthy growth on non-launched campuses in cities new to Foro. Although this activity is still in its infancy, the company is actively monitoring this viral growth to identify new geographical areas to launch the product. Due to competitive factors, the company has not announced the specific schools launched or the number of users on the platform. The total exposure potential by estimated enrollment at the 23 campuses where the company launched Foro is 713,794 students. Foro Technologies is aggressively marketing the platform to obtain critical mass on each campus and reach a tipping point of exponential viral growth.

In company-related news, Fundamental also announced a change in its interim CFO. Marco Parente has stepped down as interim CFO with current Board of Director’s member Alexander Helmel taking on the interim CFO position.

About Fundamental

Fundamental Applications Corp. (CSE:FUN, FSE:2FA, OTCQB: FUAPF) designs, develops, markets, and acquires innovative mobile applications targeted at the “Millennials” generation, people born in an age of digital technology, internet access, and smartphones. This demographic is an early adopter of mobile technology, has significant discretionary income, and is lifestyle driven with a willingness to try new things. Their three leading mobile platforms are Foro, a peer-to-peer mobile ecommerce marketplace; Truth, a one-to-one anonymous messaging app previously listed in the top 100 social networking apps in the Apple App Store; and Serum™, an app that enables users to post questions to their friends and receive answers anonymously.

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