Fundamental Announces Recent Industry Trends

November 19, 2014

Vancouver, B.C. – (November 19, 2014) Fundamental Applications Corp. (“Fundamental”) (CSE:FUN) is pleased to announce recent industry trends. Chat applications are the latest and greatest of social networks and they’re booming. “For instance, a teenager might use WhatsApp to message their friends, Instagram for photo sharing, Twitter to monitor the news, Whisper to confess their secrets. A one size fits all network is no longer the preferred choice, analysts told CNBC” (Source: CNBC, 2014). SerumTM will no doubt become another mainstay for teenagers, giving them the ability to chat honestly with their peer groups and make new friends.

Mobile chatting is becoming the primary mode of communications.  Users are now spending 2 hours and 42 minutes per day on mobile devices (Source: Flurry March 2014). This industry is experiencing explosive growth, especially with the recent acquisition of WhatsApp for $19 Billion and Viber for $900 Million. Snapchat is currently worth $4 Billion ($153/user) and WeChat, $60 Billion ($200/user). Although WhatsApp was valued at $42/user, they have only begun to make revenue while WeChat's been generating revenue in Asia for years. As for anonymity apps, Secret is valued at $100 Million and Whisper at $200 Million, even though neither has generated revenue and neither of which is a "real chat" app, like SerumTM is.

Currently, the value in chat applications rests in their user base which carries with it the potential to generate revenue in the near future. With the advent of third party advertising models and the ability for an app developer to include value-added features, monetization is just around the corner. “The bank forecasts the messaging app universe will generate almost $25 billion in annual revenue by 2017” (Source: CNBC, 2014).

At SerumTM, we will be rolling out monetization triggers within the next 3 months, further boosting our value.

“We are very excited to grow as truly innovative company. We recognize the importance of user engagement, and therefore have created an app that captures social interactions in a safe, anonymous way with a constant growth model,” states Justin Rasekh, C.E.O.

About Fundamental

Fundamental Applications Corp. was founded in 2014 to launch innovative mobile applications targeted at millennials. Millennials are described as a demographic born between 1980 and 2000 into a digital world with significant discretionary income.  Fundamental launched their first application, SerumTM, earlier this month.  SerumTM is an innovative and unique mobile chat application which enables users to post questions and have text conversations with a group of their friends anonymously; nobody involved in the conversation is aware of who in the group is responding.  SerumTM also provides control to the users over conversations they initiate, such as adding or removing participants.  SerumTM goes beyond existing applications such as Whisper and Secret, which only allow for one-way conversations, by creating an interactive way of sharing. SerumTM also goes above and beyond in terms of implementing protocols for anti-bullying.  Fundamental intends to launch additional apps targeting privacy, anonymity and chat once it has built a large SerumTM user base.

Further information about the Fundamental is available under its profile on the SEDAR website and on the CSE website

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Forward-Looking Information:

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